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❤Adopt a Chimpanzee this Valentine’s Day ❤

Bouamir (left) & Tiki (right)
Photos courtesy of volunteer Nene Haggar & Director Sheri Speede

For Valentine’s Day, Bouamir & Tiki are Available for Adoption! You can adopt Bouamir and/or Tiki as a gift of love for yourself or a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020.

When you “adopt” a chimpanzee, you are sending support straight to our sanctuary in Cameroon. Adoptions play a critical part in funding Sanaga-Yong and help us provide healthy meals of fresh fruits and vegetables, highly skilled veterinary care, necessary medications, loving daily care from our dedicated caregivers, enrichment activities, and a safe & natural environment where our residents can happily live with their chimpanzee families!

Adoption tiers are $300 for a year, $150 for six months or you can set-up a recurring donation for a minimum of $25 a month. Monthly donations are a great way to support Sanaga-Yong with consistent funding!

Simply CLICK HERE to select the chimp you wish to adopt!

As a donation gift, you or your loved one will receive:

Two 5″ x 7″ photographs of your chimpanzee
A full biography
Certificate of Adoption
Chimpanzee fun facts card
Personalized letter
Periodic photo updates sent via email

And for Valentine’s Day, your adoption gift includes an adorable chimpanzee stuffed animal! ?

♥ Give the Gift of Love and Hope! ♥
On behalf of the Sanaga-Yong chimpanzees, Thank you!


Email: info@sanaga-yong.org
Phone: 971-544-7772
Address: P.O. Box 2743, Portland OR 97208

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