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Human beings and chimpanzees share 99 percent of their DNA, but that connection runs deeper than genetics. Within each of us exists the unique capacity to experience both joy and frustration, to be sometimes brave and sometimes foolish, to feel a sense of rugged independence while still needing companionship. Within these pages and within the sanctuary, we not only learn about these kindred beings, we learn about ourselves, walking with the chimpanzees of sanaga-yong rescue.

Written by Founder and Director, Dr. Sheri Speede and Sandra Casti, volunteer and on-site Assistant Manager from 2016-2018, WITHIN ~ Walking with the Chimpanzees of Sanaga-Yong Rescue features a full-color 128-page hardbound collection celebrating the stories of all Sanaga-Yong’s residents, past and present.

Please CLICK HERE to enjoy a personal message from Director Sheri Speede as she shares with you what the making of WITHIN means to her.

LIMITED EDITION! Only 200 copies printed!
$135 includes shipping within the continental U.S.
$160 also includes a personal message from Director Sheri Speede

100% of your purchase goes directly to the lifelong care of Sanaga-Yong’s chimpanzees!

Additional charges may apply for shipping internationally.
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