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Now more than ever we need your help!

Bouamir and Tiki, image courtesy of Jane Sohlich

We wanted to reach out to our friends around the world to provide an update on our sanctuary and chimpanzees given the effects COVID-19 has had on our world. Fortunately for them, the chimpanzees at Sanaga-Yong are unaware of the concern and uncertainty we all face.

We are fortunate in that we purchase all of our fresh fruits and vegetables from the local villages, but five cases of the virus already have been diagnosed in Cameroon. As of March 13th, Cameroon has effectively shut its borders, and supply chain interruptions are already affecting our access to essential medical and camp supplies. Our scheduled volunteers, including a veterinarian who was to travel with much-needed medical supplies this week, have had to cancel. We don’t yet know if the virus affects chimpanzees.

While we strongly support containment efforts around the globe, we are also gravely concerned about the effect of border restrictions on the sanctuary and the 76 rescued chimpanzees in our care. And we remain very aware that chimps, gorillas and other endangered wildlife living in the forest around our sanctuary will only survive if we honor our pledge to protect them. Despite worldwide circumstances, our critical conservation work must continue!

We are asking for your help in this dire, life-changing time. Since our annual fundraising event in NYC has been postponed, we are counting on you. Any and all donation amounts will help tremendously! Whether you can give $25 or $2,500, we will greatly appreciate it! Please donate today!

We will certainly keep you updated on our chimpanzees, staff and local Cameroon news during this calamitous time. We fervently hope the combined worldwide efforts currently being taken will stabilize the situation and provide for the health and safety of our fellow human beings and animals who are also affected.

To our friends around the world, we are grateful! And we wish you good health, hope and happiness!

❤Adopt a Chimpanzee this Valentine’s Day ❤

Bouamir (left) & Tiki (right)
Photos courtesy of volunteer Nene Haggar & Director Sheri Speede

For Valentine’s Day, Bouamir & Tiki are Available for Adoption! You can adopt Bouamir and/or Tiki as a gift of love for yourself or a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020.

When you “adopt” a chimpanzee, you are sending support straight to our sanctuary in Cameroon. Adoptions play a critical part in funding Sanaga-Yong and help us provide healthy meals of fresh fruits and vegetables, highly skilled veterinary care, necessary medications, loving daily care from our dedicated caregivers, enrichment activities, and a safe & natural environment where our residents can happily live with their chimpanzee families!

Adoption tiers are $300 for a year, $150 for six months or you can set-up a recurring donation for a minimum of $25 a month. Monthly donations are a great way to support Sanaga-Yong with consistent funding!

Simply CLICK HERE to select the chimp you wish to adopt!

As a donation gift, you or your loved one will receive:

Two 5″ x 7″ photographs of your chimpanzee
A full biography
Certificate of Adoption
Chimpanzee fun facts card
Personalized letter
Periodic photo updates sent via email

And for Valentine’s Day, your adoption gift includes an adorable chimpanzee stuffed animal! 🐵

♥ Give the Gift of Love and Hope! ♥
On behalf of the Sanaga-Yong chimpanzees, Thank you!

The Integration of Jack

In 2004, Jack was confiscated in the Cameroon town of Nanga Eboko, where he had been held as a “pet” for 3 years.  He was malnourished and small for his age, which we estimated to be 4 years, and he exhibited heart-wrenching stereotypical behavior. From a sitting position, he rocked back and forth constantly.

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Alpha Male Future Suffers Injuries but Survives as Leader

Future, A Popular Leader

Seventeen-year-old Future has been the alpha male of his social group of 19 rescued chimpanzees for about two years. Future is kind and brave. He enjoys a lot of support from a posse of males who always stand with him as he mediates conflict in the group. The females also love Future because he’s gentle with them, doesn’t steal their food and doesn’t let other males be mean to them.

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Four Lovely Females Chastise an Aggressive Male

Females in Future’s group have a good sense of justice and help keep peace. In a recent late afternoon altercation between adult males Simon and Bouboule, a group of four much smaller females showed their clout. After being in the forest all day, Simon attacked Bouboule near their satellite cage when alpha male Future and all the other males had already gone inside. It could have grown into a very nasty fight, except that Simon was caught by surprise when Leilah, Niete, Alice, and Lucy rushed from the forest to break it up. The females pounced on Simon, which seemed to injure his pride more than anything else, and immediately ended the fight between the two males.

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The Road Ahead

Back in 1999, my colleagues and I brought the first rescued chimpanzees to our new forested sanctuary, which I would soon name Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, based on its location near the confluence of the Sanaga and Yong Rivers in Cameroon’s Mbargue Forest. That same year, we established IDA-Africa as a program of In Defense of Animals (IDA) to be the fund-raising arm for our life-saving work in Cameroon.  

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