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Other Giving Opportunities

Help Keep the Promise

Honor a special someone or occasion with a gift of compassion

Recognize a birthday, engagement, wedding, graduation, holiday, Mother’s Day, Father’s day, a special achievement or a memory of a loved one with a gift to IDA-Africa. The recipient of your gift will receive a special card sharing your generosity on their behalf. Send an honor or memorial.

Leave a Legacy by Joining Dorothy’s Circle

Many people underestimate the value of what they own. A well-drafted will can ensure the assets you have accumulated over a lifetime are distributed according to your wishes. Including In Defense of Animals-Africa in your estate planning can help ensure the promise we make to the future of great apes. Learn more about how to incorporate In Defense of Animals-Africa into your estate planning.

Adopt an Orphan

Sponsoring a chimpanzee orphan helps to provide food, shelter and care. You can make a direct impact on the quality of life for a chimpanzee by becoming his or her sponsor and advocate. Learn more.

Fundraise to Keep the Promise

Help us raise important funds for Sanaga-Yong Center and IDA-Africa’s outreach and education efforts. Pick an item from our Wish List to help determine your goal. Rally your friends and family and help us save lives. Click here for some great fundraising ideas!

Employer Gift Matching

Many companies, large and small, have Matching Gift Programs which double or even triple their employee’s tax-deductible donations. These programs are an easy way to maximize the benefit of your generous donation to IDA-Africa. Click here to determine if your employer offers a gift matching program.

Shop at iGive

Shop on-line at iGive.com and up to 26% of each purchase you make will go to IDA-Africa. At iGive.com you get free membership, access to over 600 brand-name merchants, super savings and deals every day … and of course, free donations to IDA-Africa! Click here to register for iGive.

Join escrip

IDA-Africa will recieve a small percentage of your purchases from the retailer of your choice and it costs you nothing. Register your store and credit cards using the Group Name “In Defense of Animals-Africa” (Actually, “In Def” is enough) or the Group ID 149925618. Join today!

Outreach and Awareness

The survival of endangered great apes is dependent upon the compassion and understanding of those who hold their future in their hands. Help us educate the communities of Cameroon. We need your support to ensure our compelling Public Services Announcements air. Together we can make a huge difference and end the ape meat crisis. Donate now!

All donations to IDA-Africa are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. In Defense of Animals-Africa is a division of In Defense of Animals, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


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Address: P.O. Box 2743, Portland OR 97208

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