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Subspecies to be determined pending testing
Estimated Birth – January 2020

In September 2020, our staff welcomed a recently confiscated baby boy to Sanaga-Yong. While we were heartbroken for his loss, having been orphaned and captured by poachers, we were happy to provide safe haven and loving care at our sanctuary.

At only nine months old, Kolbi and was confiscated from a village in Cameroon’s Dja Reserve, where poaching is rampant despite its protected status. In February of 2019, our sweet Bouamir was rescued from the same area. Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue is working with other organizations and the Cameroon government to improve law enforcement there.

When baby Kolbi arrived at the sanctuary, he had several shotgun pellet wounds and a case of sarcoptic mange, but he responded well to treatment and had a healthy appetite. He quickly went from being sad and scared to playful and sweet!

While we can never replace the mother he lost, we hope he’ll have a long and joyful life among friends at Sanaga-Yong. While he is still so young, he will be under the loving care and supervision of his caregivers. But when he is strong and old enough, we will introduce him to older babies, Bouamir and Tiki, so he will be able to play with and learn from them!


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