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Pan troglodytes troglodytes
Estimated Birth – September 1998

A logging company employee brought three-year-old Hope to Sanaga-Yong in September 2001. The shotgun blasts that killed her mother had also wounded her. Terrified little Hope was suffering from several deep, infected pellet wounds in her face, including one that left her permanently blind in her right eye. After her wounds had healed, she was introduced to Leilah, Alice and other babies who were rescued the same year. With nurturing support from caregivers and her new chimpanzee friends, Hope thrived. She blossomed into a kind, confident and socially smart juvenile. Her nursery group of seven joined Jacky’s group of adults and older juveniles in 2004, and despite her disability, Hope became one of the most dominant females in this largest social group at Sanaga-Yong. She sometimes gets involved in conflicts between males, offering support to those she deems deserving of it. Hope has many friends who show her a lot of respect. Among her friendships is a special relationship with Bouboule, a big male who was the most dominant in the group for about a year in 2010-2011. She and Bouboule are often together during the day in their forested enclosure, but she chooses to sleep in a big cage chamber with her female friends at night. Hope likes her caregivers but rarely takes much time for interaction with them. However, she often warmly acknowledges someone she likes by extending her hand for a brief but reassuring touch.


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