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COVID-19 Sanctuary Update: All-Star Volunteers

Our two volunteers at Sanaga-Yong during this challenging lockdown period are bright stars! Francesca Jeffery and Keiran Cash arrived in Cameroon from Australia on March 9th, days before Cameroon closed its borders, and we’re so lucky they got in.

Fran is a very skilled veterinary technician originally from Canada, who has been a wonderful addition to our veterinary team. Before coming to Sanaga-Yong, Keiran was a caregiver at Taronga Zoo Sydney, where he worked closely with chimpanzees among other animals. His understanding of chimpanzees has been a great asset at our sanctuary. They both have exemplary work ethics and infectious positive attitudes, as they work tirelessly to help ensure that our 76 chimpanzees are getting all they need.

Their importance at the sanctuary during this critical time can’t be overstated, and neither can our gratitude for their self-sacrifice, strength and compassion. Thank you so much Keiran and Fran!

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From our family to yours, sending warm wishes of compassion, understanding and support!


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