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Volunteer Reflection by Nene Haggar

My experience at Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue was ineffable, but I hope to have done my best in conveying such an adventure. In the meantime- thank you Sanaga-Yong for the support, love and constant reminder about the most important things in life.

Nene observing at Jacky’s group, photo courtesy of Jane Sohlich
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COVID-19 Sanctuary Update: All-Star Volunteers

Our two volunteers at Sanaga-Yong during this challenging lockdown period are bright stars! Francesca Jeffery and Keiran Cash arrived in Cameroon from Australia on March 9th, days before Cameroon closed its borders, and we’re so lucky they got in.

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❤Adopt a Chimpanzee this Valentine’s Day ❤

Bouamir (left) & Tiki (right)
Photos courtesy of volunteer Nene Haggar & Director Sheri Speede

For Valentine’s Day, Bouamir & Tiki are Available for Adoption! You can adopt Bouamir and/or Tiki as a gift of love for yourself or a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020.

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